About myself

We are a massage salon specialized in traditional Thai massage

Originally from Thailand, Rose was trained in authentic massages as practiced in Thai Traditional Thai Thaïlandais reconnue, titulaire de plusieurs diplômes délivrés par  « Thaï Traditional Medical Services Society – Tambon klong 3 vocational Training Center of Klongluang Pathumthani  » , elle a complété sa formation professionnelle en France, diplômée par le ministère de l’emploi et de la formation. Rose vous fera découvrir l’univers relaxant et bienfaisant du massages Thai massage or Nuad Boran this centuries-old practice, taught by Buddhist monks, devoted to the Buddha's teachings of nonviolence and compassionate understanding.

The benefits of Thai traditional massage

In Thailand, massages are both preventive and therapeutic. It is particularly effective for treating various problems such as back pain, circulation problems, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, general tiredness, stress and so on. Practiced on a regular basis makes everyday life more harmonious. Traditionally, it is taught in Buddhist temples. Taking care of the body is also taking care of the soul. Furthermore, the Thai massage not only undoes physical tensions, it also enables the release of negative energies. When energy flows and is in balance, well-being is restored

Time spent on well-being isn’t wasted time.