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Chère cliente, cher client, les massages font partie intégrante de notre hygiène de vie dans la culture traditionnel thaï Réservez dès maintenant !


Welcome to the traditional Thai massage and beauty parlor.

In Thailand, massage is an integral part of the culture. It is a natural treatment to help with health issues, muscular tensions and energy imbalances. It can also bring relief to back pain, the neck and also treat heavy legs. Allow yourself a relaxing moment ! You will be taken care of in a calm and authentic atmosphere that provides a high quality service. We also value the respect of senses that is essential for us.

More than just a massage, Rose will restore a sense of serenity and well-being on both the physical and emotional level within you.

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Our traditional Thai massages

The masseuse uses her hands, knees and elbows for this treatment by stretching, squeezing and folding. The focus of the massage is on the symptoms and specific needs of the client and starts from the tip of the feet to the head.

A relaxing massage that reduces muscular tensions. The masseuse will mainly use her hands and oil by rolling and compressing, enabling the client to feel both relaxed and comfortable during the massage.


The Sport massage is both a method of maintenance, warm-up and recovery depending on whether the massage takes place before or after your sport or professional activity. Thus, it becomes a session focused on flexible stretching, relaxing or toning depending on your specific needs. The massage is axed on stretching and stimulation techniques combined with the benefits of relaxation.


This massage mainly focuses on the head, neck and scalp. Thanks to various techniques applied with a soft touch The in-depth use of the fingers and thumbs with a sensitive touch allows to improve circulation, relax the muscles and reduce both physical and emotional tensions.

Massage with oil that will relax both the skin and muscles in-depth by applying pressure on specific points of the back, neck and shoulders. The back massage brings relief to aches and muscular contractions.

The foot massage is carried out by applying deep pressure on reflex zones of the feet and legs. This foot massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, drains toxins and relieves heavy legs, stimulates all body organs and releases muscle tension from the entire body.

Soft and gentle massage with an energetic approach